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Email is the easiest way to stay in touch. Providing your contact information will help us keep you informed with newsletters and important announcements. 


Please include your Zip Code.  Over-development affects us all.  We welcome concerned non-Hayden residents, but need to understand where our members reside. 

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What Does it Mean to "Get Involved"?


Save Hayden would appreciate your active involvement.  We welcome volunteers who are willing to distribute flyers, attend council meetings, or write articles.   


But passing on knowledge is our most important task.  So you can help out without leaving your home.  All you need to do is to keep yourself informed, educate your friends and neighbors, and contact your city council by email in advance of critical votes.  


City of Hayden Elected Representatives


City of Hayden Planning Department 




"Just because you do not take an interest in Politics does not mean that politics won't take an interest in you." 

—Pericles, 500 B.C. 

Save Hayden is not involved in politics for fun or profit. 

It is was formed because residents felt they had no choice.   

Hayden's 2040 Plan is a blueprint for the destruction of our community.  

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