Why is my property being Rezoned?

IN 2021 Hayden adopted a new “Future Land Use Map” (FLUM) to facilitate higher densities, and Residential Multi-Family was eliminated.  In order to transition to the new FLUM, the City wants to rezone your property  to a new, higher density zones such as: “Mixed Residential” or “Mixed Use”.

Will this mean higher density development in my neighborhood?

If all the lots on your street are already developed, your neighbors may not be immediately affected.  However, “under developed” lots in your area will likely be developed with higher densities.  Also, the new FLUM makes it easier to develop high density apartment complexes on land currently zoned commercial.  And almost all currently zone R-MF lots are adjacent to commercial property.   

When and Why did Hayden adopt a new FLUM?

The new FLUM and zoning codes were adopted in May 2021 in order to facilitate high density development.  In the new code,  Special Use Permits are no longer needed for multi-family structures once properties have been rezoned “Mixed Use.”  This means property owners can build large scale apartment complexes with minimum opportunity for public input or objection.  

Can I do anything to oppose the rezone of my property?

Hayden officials could restore Residential Multi-Family zones if enough residents oppose their rezones.   That would make it difficult to transition to the new, higher density FLUM.  Since the new FLUM has serious, unresolved problems, slowing down the transition is a good thing.

How much time before Hayden is wrecked by overdevelopment?

Densification is a gradual process.  Planners are expecting the population of Hayden to double by 2040, and  have made provisions for the majority of new residents to be renters in multi-family complexes rather than home owners.   We still have time to stop or slow down over-development, but only if Hayden citizens take an active interest in their government, and hold their leaders accountable.  

I thought we elected "Slow Growth" candidates in November. Why didn't they repeal the 2040 FLUM.

There are some good people on the City Council, but they need your help.  There are powerful special interests, government agencies, and armies of lawyers backing the new FLUM even though it is unpopular with residents.   If residents remain silent, their silence is assumed to be consent.   

Some of Your Questions Answered

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